What’s so special about Molokai SUP Inflatables?

Molokai inflatables stand out from the competition not only in terms of build quality, construction methods, and technologies but also with care and attention to detail when designing their products. The brand has grown significantly since it has been introduced into Asia and has become increasingly popular in regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Russia.

Using advanced technologies such as RDS (Reinforced Drop Stitch) Double Layer Technology and Heat Fusion Construction Method, Molokai has revolutionized the SUP inflatable market, producing boards that possess incredible durability and hard board-level stiffness, yet at the same time able to keep the boards so light that everyone can carry it around easily, which is the whole point of buying a SUP inflatable.

Molokai strives not only to produce good quality SUP boards but also has put in the effort to make each model special and unique to each person. Each model is uniquely suitable for different purposes, and with different colorways, you can always be sure to find a board that fits your personality and needs.

The included accessories are also of high quality and incredibly useful as well. The fin included is made of fiberglass which is very light and durable. The hand pump is high volume and double-action which means you can pump up the board very quickly. The backpack is so well made that it will last for a long time. And of course, a safety leash is included which is a must-have for every SUP adventure.

Whatzsup is the official sole distributor of Molokai in Hong Kong, and you will also get the support of our team of SUP specialists and 1-year warranty* when buying Molokai’s boards from us. 

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