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Molokai Hero Air Race 12’6″ X 27″ RDSMolokai Hero Air Race 12’6″ X 27″ RDS

Molokai Hero Air Race 12’6″ X 27″ RDS


The Hero AIR 12’6” × 27” uses a new bolder and brighter color scheme designed for passionate riders who want to express their personality. The length of 12’6” is more flexible and easier to control than the 14’. The 27” width is more stable and can be used for touring and competitive racing.

The Hero AIR 12’6” × 27” is equipped with STANDING WING at the center of the board which extends the traction pad outwards to improve the rider’s balance and confidence. The additional center stringer helps improve the rigidity of the board and reduce energy loss during strokes. The wide tail design provides better stability and allows the board to adapt to more complex water conditions.

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Molokai Hero Air Race 14’0″ X 24″ RDSMolokai Hero Air Race 14’0″ X 24″ RDS

Molokai Hero Air Race 14’0″ X 24″ RDS


HERO AIR 14’ x 24″ is an all-round racing board. The width of 24” gives the board a very high-speed profile. The innovative STANDING WING traction pad widens the standing position and therefore improves the rider’s balance. The wide tail design and the extra width allow the HERO AIR 14’ x 24″ to cope with more complex water conditions and racing scenarios.

In terms of materials, Molokai continues to use only racing level RDS (Reinforced Drop Stitch) transparent double-layer material, combined with the unique 3K carbon rails on the sides and extra center stringers (PVC + 3K Carbon) on top and bottom for additional reinforcements and maximum stiffness.


Molokai Striker Air Race Pro 14’0″ X 23″ RDS


A board specifically designed for straight-line racing and long-distance competitions. Its narrow pin tail design allows the board to have a smaller wake and makes the water more easily flow off the end for efficient glide. It also makes the paddling stroke feels unusually light. The unique STANDING WING traction pads on both sides help widen the standing position, thus increasing stability and controllability. This board excels in flat water conditions.

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