Molokai Finder Air Touring 12’6″ X 31″ RDS


The FINDER AIR series is specifically designed for long-distance touring and cruising with good stability and speed. This series is the best choice for long-distance exploration since the boards have excellent cargo carrying capacity, strong tracking ability and cruising speed.

Finder AIR 12’6” x  31”: The 31” width provides excellent stability and is suitable for beginners and experienced riders. The board is equipped with an action camera mount (e.g. Gopro ) at the front, which makes it easy to record your paddling trips. The rear deck has an integrated mount specifically designed for the BOTE tackle rack. With the tackle rack installed, you can transform the touring board into a fishing paddle board with ease.

The full range of Finder AIR uses RDS (Reinforced Drop Stitch) double-layer material, making it stiffer, stronger, and lighter.




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