SIC was born of shaper/waterman Mark Raaphorst. Hailing originally from the Netherlands, he left at the age of 16 to fulfill his windsurfing dreams, which, like so many windsurfers, landed him on the north shores of Maui, Hawaii. here he fulfilled his dream of becoming a waterman, making a living doing board repairs, and learning the craft of shaping from the masters. Soon after, Raaphorst established Ding King Fiberglass Works repair shop.  Tearing apart boards gave him a unique insight into board construction, quality, and materials.  It was not long before Raaphorst was shaping boards and building outrigger canoes out of his facility.  


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SIC F16 SCC with Active Steering System


The F-16 helped to put SIC on the map and in the annals of open-water racing history with more victories in its class than any other. Fast, forgiving and fun, the F-16 has become an icon and timeless classic. Its full rails provide tremendous rail-to-rail stability and makes battling cross-chop and steep troughs a breeze.

The rocker profile and pronounced nose keeps the F-16 on glide and virtually eliminates purling in tighter interval swell like local lakes, Hood River and Lake Garda. Actively raced today and a still favorite of elite and recreational paddlers alike. Only available with SIC’s original A.S.S. (Active Steering System).

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