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These Leisure Hard Boards are super versatile and perfect for all sorts of activities with your crew. If you’re looking for a chilled-out day or something more thrilling, these boards are a great way to have a good time.

Leisure Hard Boards

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One Surf SUP 10’0 x 30″ Coral/Dark Blue


The perfect 10ft board with amazing stability this board has the performance that you would want in a board a foot shorter, it is a breeze for the whole family to enjoy there time on the water but in no way does this sacrifice it’s surf ability with this being a true 10ft performance board.

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One 衝浪直立板 10’0 x 34″ White/GreyOne Surf SUP 10’0 x 34″ Yellow/Blue

One Surf SUP 10’0 x 34″ White/Grey


Are you a bigger person wanting a board that will perform in the waves? Then this is the board for you. With its 34″ width it has crazy good stability that will make standing out the back in messy waves a pleasure.


One Tour 9′ x 30″ Pink / Silver


Do you want to paddle mainly flat water but don’t wont to get stuck on a surfing SUP or a touring/racing stand up paddle board that is just far too big?

Then the 9ft x 30″ ONE SUP touring board is for you. This board is super stable, paddles nice and straight and has plenty of volume to make even the most nervous paddler feel very comfortable.

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