Molokai Hero 3-Piece Carbon SUP Paddle (Blue)


Molokai Hero 3-Piece Full Carbon SUP Paddle

The Molokai Hero Full Carbon Paddle is the advanced version of the Molokai Full Carbon Paddle.

This paddle is much lighter than the regular version, allowing maximum efficiency when paddling and saving more energy for a longer journey. The new shaft design also improves the grips of your paddle, minimizing slipping when paddling.

The double-reinforced design of the paddling surface and the concave shape greatly increase the efficiency of water catching, and the water drop-shaped blade is suitable for both cruising and racing.


  • Advanced 3K Carbon Cloth: Total Weight (approx.) 590 g
  • Shortest Adjustable Length: 180 cm
  • Adjustable Length: 40 cm (180 – 220 cm)
  • Disassembled Length: 96 cm
  • Blade size: 88 square inches
  • Blade Color: Blue


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