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Molokai SUP Coil Leash (Neon Green)


The Molokai leash is an extremely important piece of equipment to have on any stand up paddleboarding adventure. Not only does it provide a secure connection between you and your board, but it also helps you stay safe in the water.

Length: 75 – 400 cm
Thickness: 7mm
Material: TPU with stainless steel joint & Velcro bracelet

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- WhatzsupStarboard SUP Sprint Carbon Sandwich 2023 - Whatzsup

[In-stock] Starboard SUP Sprint Wood Sandwich 2023


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1 unit only:
14′ x 23″ Wood Carbon (Board bag optional)

The Sprint is without doubt our fastest and most efficient race board for flat-water racing and ultra-long distances.

A new thicker slicing nose design displaces water with a cleaner release so you can paddle faster with less water wrapping and slowing you down.



• Offers a full carbon construction that combines strength and weight at a truly competitive value.
• Biaxial Carbon wraps the full deck and rail giving you excellent competitive weight and strength properties.
• 2 x carbon stringer on the deck provides additional impact and stiffness.
• Extra glass reinforcements wrap the sharp edges and inside rails of the cockpit for extra rigidity and strength.


Flextail MAX Rechargeable SUP PUMP (9600mAh / USB-C / 20 PSI)


Lightweight and Cordless Design
The MAX SUP PUMP weighs only 3.7 pounds and features a cordless design with a 9600mAh built-in battery, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords. Its hidden handle won’t take up extra space and allows for easy carrying. Its streamlined look and bright orange color make it a stylish companion.

6 Minutes to Inflate
The MAX SUP PUMP can reach 8.5 kPa in just 73 seconds at the first stage, with a maximum speed of 360L/min, saving you time during the initial stage of inflation. During stage two, it can rapidly increase pressure from 8.5 kPa to the required pressure, with a maximum pressure of 90L/min. Say goodbye to hand-pumping! It takes only 6 minutes to inflate a 13 PSI Paddle Board (10’6” x 32” x 6”).

What’s in the box
Flextail MAX Rechargeable SUP PUMP, USB-C Charging Cable, 6 Nozzles, 3.28 ft Air Hose, 12V DC Car Connector, Travel Bag, Manual

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Designed to work in a wide range of conditions, flatwater, crosswind, small bumps, surf and where there is excessive weed.


VMG Mako Time Trial


Mako Time Trial built for speed and tracking. The Ultimate in performance racing.


VMG Mako 28


The fin with maximum agility, cutting the tightest turns, and letting you place your board exactly where you want it. As with all of our fins, this design is efficient at shedding weed, so you confidently know that nothing is holding you back.

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VMG Mako 35VMG Mako 35

VMG Mako 35


Mako 35 is agile, for the tightest bouy turns, downwinding and BOP racing.


VMG Mako 37


Mako 37 is versatile and agile, follows the runners and carves through surf.


VMG Mako 44


Giving you Confidence, when the Going gets Rough。Mako 44 stabilizes your ride in demanding conditions.


Blackproject Condor


SUP Race Fin For Top-End Speed & Agility. Designed With Connor Baxter For Elite Paddlers

The Condor is a SUP racing fin designed for maximum board speed and agility. Ideally suited for advanced and professional paddlers, this is the fin for those who aren’t afraid to push the limits. The smallest fin we make, the Condor utilizes reduced depth, smaller surface area and our Reduced Cord Concept to enable maximum paddling speed, without sacrificing too much tracking. Best suited for flat water and calmer days, it’s the fastest fin on the market. But be warned, due to its size the Condor is not for everyone.

Blackprojec Sonic v2


SUP Race Fin For Maximum Maneuverability For Advanced Level Paddlers

The Sonic is a SUP racing and downwind fin designed to maximize board maneuverability and speed. Ideal for advanced and professional paddlers looking to enhance their flow on downwinders, this small fin utilizes a surfing-inspired curved outline with a narrow cord and thinner foil to help paddlers ride and connect swells at speed. Ideally suited to downwind conditions, this fin also performs well in technical surf races, shallow water and rivers with a strong flow and debris. In situations when the fastest racing line is not a straight line, the Sonic enables you to seek out and connect the fastest bumps, waves and sections of flowing water.

Blackproject Tiger v2


SUP Race Fin For Flat Water Speed and Faster Buoy Turns

The Tiger is a SUP racing fin designed for situations where speed, tracking and quick buoy turns are important. Ideal for advanced and professional paddlers, this is the fin you want if you’re looking to improve performance or get better race results. This medium-sized fin uses a narrow cord and fast foil to increase speed and turning power, while still maintaining excellent tracking. Ideally suited for flat and choppy water, the Tiger is widely used by racers due to its impressive all-round performance. If podiums are what you want, this is your secret weapon.

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