Molokai Bonbon Kids Boys 7’10 x 28″


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Children are born with an instinct to play in the water, and you will be amazed by their excellent balance and athletic talent on the paddle board. Our children’s series BONBON is specially prepared for children aged 5-9. The size of 7’10″x28″ plus the thickness of ±10CM is most suitable for children’s ergonomics. Its cute lollipop-like appearance is more likely to be loved by children. With it, your child can go to the water to have fun with you!


Included with the board:

  • 1. Molokai Adjustable Paddle x1
  • 2. Molokai Leash x1
  • 3. Molokai Fin x1
  • 4. Molokai Carrying Bag x1
  • 5. Molokai Hand Pump x1

The exact fin and paddle might be different depends on the board type.



Estimated Delivery Date: by 12, August 2021

Availability: Available on backorder


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