Molokai Hero Air Race 14’0″ X 24″ RDS – Inflatable SUP Board Package


HERO AIR 14’ x 24″ is an all-round racing board. The width of 24” gives the board a very high speed profile. The innovative STANDING WING anti-skid pad widens the standing position and therefore improve the rider’s balance. The wide tail design allows the HERO AIR 14’ x 24″ to cope with more complex water conditions and racing scenarios.

In terms of materials, Molokai continue to use the racing level RDS (Reinforced Drop Stitch) transparent double-layer material, combined with the unique 3K carbon rail for additional reinforcement and maximum stiffness.

Included Accessories:

TPU safety leash, fiberglass racing fin, double action hand pump (inflate & deflate), rolling backpack (breathable material), standard repair kit


Recommended Rider Weight: 40 – 100 KG
Volume: 315 L
Board Weight: 12 KG
Board Length: 14′ (427 cm)
Board Width: 24″ (61 cm)
Board Thickness: 6″ (15 cm)
Backpack Height: 80 cm
Backpack Width: 50 cm
Backpack Depth: 20 cm


2-Year Warranty and Specialist Support included with all Molokai Products purchased at Whatzsup

How to use


  1. Always wash with fresh water and let the SUP board dry before storage for longevity
  2. Do not leave the SUP board inflated on land for long period of time to avoid over expansion of the air inside
  3. Pump your board to the appropriate pressure (PSI) when use: 12- 15 PSI for recreational use in flat water, 15 – 18 PSI for long distance touring in open water, or 18 PSI for racing
  4. Always wear your leash when paddling to stay attached to the board if you fall

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