SupFlex Carlos Burle 10’8 充氣直立板 (清貨大減價)


Designed by the big wave world champion Carlos Burle, its shape provides great maneuverability and good glide, making it faster and agile than our FUN series. Includes Paddle, Hand-Pump, Backpack, Leash, Removable Fin & Repair Kit



  • Built with military-grade PVC and drop-stitch construction inside. No dings or cracks anymore
  • Neoprene center carry handle for best comfort and painless transport
  • 1 removable large center fin
  • Includes a high pressure double action hand pump with gauge, pumps air on both the push down and pull up of the handle
  • Includes top notch quality 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, great for transport and can be adjusted to rider height
  • Can be inflated up to 15 PSI, but is stiff and ready to ride at 10 PSI


Board Specification

  • 10’8″ (325 cm)
  • 30″ (76 cm)
  • 6″ (15 cm)
  • 22.5 lbs (10,2 kg)
  •  lbs (100 kg)





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