M1 Race 14′ x 27.5″


This board requires a special Windsurfing fin which is NOT included.

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Product Description:

The Mistral 14′ M-1 Race SUP board is great for Battle Of the Paddle style events as you do not need to move too much back and forth going out through the surf. The Mistral 14′ M1 race has an inverted Axe Bow nose shape giving it an increased waterline whilst simultaneously contributing to a balanced ride when the volume of the board first enters the water.


This ingenious nose design also ensures a very rapid and clean water flow while simultaneously chopping up small waves. This reduction of hydrodynamic drag translates into speed. The lowered deck provides a lower center of gravity while keeping needed volume at each end. The tail has increased volume making it easier to stand on in the turns. Built with wood in a sandwich construction the Mistral M-1 race board uses.6mm wood to save weight .8mm wood in all impact zones and two layers of.8mm wood in a cross-pattern in the standing area. This makes the Mistral SUP race board super stiff and strong for top performance.


  • Ideal for riders 150-220 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS: Length: 14 ft./427 cm; Width: 27.5 in./70 cm;
  • Thickness: 6.9 in./17.5 cm; Volume: 315 lt.;
  • Weight: 28 lbs./12.6 kg.
  • CHARACERISTICS: Stability 80% Tracking 90% Maneuverability 80% Speed 90%.