One Storm 14’x24″ (Green /Black)



There is probably no faster board in the ocean. This proven, race-winning, dugout design is a high performance downwind machine. From big winds to moderate gusts, the Storm can handle any bumps you throw at it. This is your new go to ocean race board.

The Storm is ONE SUP board designed for open ocean downwind paddling. The Storm’s name says it all, a race winning board in all conditions from Downwind to Upwind. Transitions with ease from smooth water to rough water. Paddling in the bumps will never feel hard again.

The high sides give the Storm exceptional flow through rougher water allowing the board to slip through anything that’s put in front of it. The dugout standing area is designed to lower your centre of gravity allowing for a more stable ride in all conditions.

Length: 426.7 cm (14′)
Width: 60.96 cm (24″)
Volume: 286L
Downwind Machine
Dugout Design
World-Class construction

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Estimated Delivery Date: by 01, October 2021