One Edge Pro 14′ x 23″ (Green / Sliver)


When speed is what you are chasing then the EDGE PRO range of ONE SUP boards is the board in the line that just has speed on tap.


Already proving to be a winning design around the world the edge pro has a very aggressive pulled in and cutting nose which flows into round rails the length of the board. keeping a wider tail also helps add amazing stability no matter where you stand on the board.


Primary use is long and flat but the EDGE PRO also has a amazing feel in light bumps and has the great bonus of still being easy to turn on those tighter course races.


Full Carbon Standard

This is our work horse construction, giving amazing strength to weight ratio.


  • Length: 426.7 cm (14′)
  • Width: 58.42 cm (23″)
  • Volume: 259L

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