One Edge 2.0 14′ x 23.5″ Dynamic (Green/Black)


The EDGE 2.0 is the work horse in the ONE flat water board range, it has a wide range of conditions it can be used in from the glassy flat water right though to mild down wind bumps. The EDGE 2.0 can make a perfect long distance touring board as well as be right up the pointy end in any race.


Building on our first generation EDGE the EDGE 2.0 has been two years in the making. The EDGE 2.0 is faster, more stable, turns better as well as also now being a great board for BOP racing and some upwind down wind paddling. It still has it’s amazing glide but has been improved with a better top end speed.


A few of the real big improvements have come from the extra stability which now allows you to really put the power down even in quite bumpy water. For upwind the nose and tail have been designed to work together to allow for amazing upwind and side wind ability. The down wind side the EDGE 2.0 is super fast.


Overall if you are looking for a one board quiver then the EDGE 2.0 could really tick alot of boxes.


The big single concave adds amazing stability allowing its range of uses to be expanded right past the flat water it was originally designed for. The EDGE 2.0 comes in our molded constructions which we believe offer some of the best if not the best strength to weight ratio in the market to date.


Dynamic: If There Was The Perfect Blend Of Weight To Strength To Price Ratio Then This Could Well Be The Winner. Full Molded PVC Sandwich Board Offers A Amazing Light Weight That Has A Super Responsive Feel When You Really Put The Power Down, The EDGE 2.0 In Dynamic Is Something That Could Take You To The Top.


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