Black Project Hydro FlowX


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Completely reimagined design, a paddle unlike any other.

The proprietary Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) is designed to significantly increase paddle efficiency and smoothness by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade movements. The Deep Power Scoop (DPS) with dihedral edges delivers power in a controlled manner and works in harmony with our the AFT to create a first-of-its-kind paddling experience.

Our Fastest Ever Paddle

While individual results will vary and speed is just one aspect to consider, our testing has shown the Hydro FlowX will increase your average speed. When putting in a similar effort, paddlers can expect a 3-5% improvement in speed and lap times or paddle the same speed with less effort (when compared to the original Hydro, which is already faster than most race paddles).

Reduced Fatigue

The combination of flow technology and deep scoop produces a fluid stroke which reduces energy usage while increasing forward thrust. The outcome is significantly less paddler fatigue––enabling you to paddle longer and faster than ever before.

Hydro Flow X in action (Hong Kong Team Paddler Tyler)

4% Lighter

To reduce overall weight, we reworked our layups and introduced 30-ton carbon – a strong but lightweight carbon that’s 25% lighter than our previous material. The resulting paddle is approximately 4% lighter than an equivalent model of the original Hydro. Weighing from just 345 grams (12.1 oz), paddlers can maintain a higher cadence for a longer period of time.

Even Stronger

The Hydro FlowX’s redesigned blade offers massive structural strength. This gave us the dual benefit of being able to optimize the use of carbon in certain areas, while still achieving an overall strength enhancement.

All Hydro FlowX paddles come complete BP’s  Paddle Bag.

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