If you are looking for the best inflatable SUP board possible for racing, look no further, we might have just found that for you.

SIC – one of our favorite SUP brands has just launched the inflatable version of their best selling Rocket Ship (RS) series! It’s called the SIC Air Glide RS.

This SIC Air Glide RS is all about copying everything from its hardboard brother. If you have paddled using the RS before, you know it’s a super fast board. This iSUP aims to achieve the same but added the benefits of portability and easy storage.

The Air Glide RS is a very good all-round racer. It’s very lightweight with just (For 14′ x 26″ model). For an inflatable board, lightweight is what you should be looking for if speed is important for you.

Almost everything on the Air Glide RS is identical to the hardboard version, from the handle, bungy & fin’s positions, to the shape of the board. Even the bottom of the board adopted the same sublet design of the hardboard. There’s nothing fancy there which is what you want for speed. There are extra runners at the back which is to simulate the hardboard’s channels. This is to help you to paddle in a straight line at speed.

Go back to the top of the board, it features a diamond grip pack. It’s very well built and very grippy so you won’t have to worry too much about slipping off the board (still, you should wear a leash for safety). As mentioned before, the handles are in the same positions as the hardboard and they are just as well built.

The pump and the bag that comes with are also excellent as you would expect from a high-end board. They are both very tough and heavy duty, much more well built than those that come with the entry-level boards. The travel bag also features internal straps to make sure your board can fit inside and stay compact for easy travel.

Overall, the board features a very flat profile and according to SUP Boarder, the top speed can get as high as 7.67 MPH (faster if you are professional racer). They also did some comparisons to other similar boards in the market and found that the SIC Air Glide RS is actually faster than most of the stiffer inflatable boards out there, the primary reason being the board is so light.

So to sum it up, this is possibly the best inflatable racing board you can buy in 2019. It’s light and fast for a racing iSUP and actually quite easy to handle for straight line / long distance race routes that don’t have much turns and buoy.

The only downsides we could think of are the high price and that the fin that it comes with is plastic.

Do let us know in the comment below what you think about this board? Will you buy it or want to try it out?


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